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On the Red Carpet

Posted: 11th October 2014 by admin in Blog
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Last night, we convened the 7th annual Dare to Dream event, the major fundraiser for Youth Outlook. It was the first time in several years that there were no accidents or suicides among the youth served in this agency on which for us to reflect. Last night, we wanted to play. As usual, I drafted […]

Of Stray Cats and Ah-ha Moments

Posted: 28th May 2014 by admin in Blog
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I think everyone has them occasionally. Nah, I’m not talking flat tires, nightmares, or tension headaches that could rival any spring rod you’ve got a curtain stuck to the wall with. I’m talking ah-ha moments. You know…that exact moment when the figurative lightbulb comes on and you see something about your relationship or your job […]

A colleague once commented that people learn a lot about family and themselves by sitting through holiday dinners, and sometimes even by sitting through just routine dinners. I ducked my head to hide a smile, thinking, “The only thing I remember learning by sitting through holiday dinners is that one of us had to learn […]

I Misunderstood You Perfectly!

Posted: 23rd September 2013 by admin in Blog
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I like to leave the shopping list on the front of the fridge. It’s part of that homey feeling that comes with sharing your nest with someone you love. I also find it quite convenient, until the time comes that one of two things happen. One—I find myself at the store and the list is […]

Shy and Retiring

Posted: 15th September 2013 by admin in Blog
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This week I was interviewed by the nice folks at Zen Parenting Radio (, Cathy and Todd, and they’ll let me know when the show will air. We spent about half our time together talking about my work with LGBT kids and the other half talking about Urban Tidepool, both the book and this blog. […]

A Slippery Slope, Indeed

Posted: 31st August 2013 by admin in Blog
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In grad school, I took a course on working with clients with substance abuse diagnoses and did some side research on the impact of the addiction on the family members. My dabbling led me eventually to what was considered THE handbook on ACOA issues, Janet Woititz’s Adult Children of Alcoholics. Intrigued, fascinated even, I went […]

Sharing the stage

Posted: 3rd August 2013 by admin in Blog
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My Dwarf Life, the thought provoking blog by my friend Maurice Smith, may be of interest to some of you reading the Urban Tidepool blog. Maurice often posts about human rights issues, LGBT issues, disability issues and living with a fabulous sense of humor and his occasionally neurotic cat. I suspect many of you will […]