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There is no time of the year that I am as aware of my shortage of family of origin as I am at the holidays. This is what some of us were raised with, right? Holidays are about family. Old songs extoll traveling long miles over snowy roads to be with family for that special […]

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody is left behind or forgotten.” Simultaneous truths can be difficult to grasp, especially since we are engineered from the time we are tiny people to buy into binary systems on lots of topics. If we believe Point A, then we must not believe Point B. What happens at those […]

A Group Effort

Posted: 11th May 2014 by admin in Blog
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The title of Hillary Clinton’s book, It Takes  a Village, has always appealed to me.   I imagined using a take-off on that title if I were ever to write a memoir. (Little did I know!) Given some of my Catholic school adventures after the parents crossed over while I was running around the world as […]

Among Firsts

Posted: 10th January 2014 by admin in Blog
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The mom spending the first Christmas without her son. The daughter spending the first Christmas without her mom. The mom whose son was deployed to Afghanistan at the beginning of December. The young transman whose family has disowned him after his body started to change, when it was obvious this was no longer “just a […]