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An Ally’s Bill of Willingness

Posted: 1st September 2023 by admin in Blog
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One of the tasks of my job is that I am the voice—the voice of Youth Outlook, the voice of the staff when I talk to the board of directors, the voice of administration when I talk to the staff. I’m often the messenger, so I knew and was comfortable with that role. As the […]

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One year ago today, I had an appointment with a doc I liked whom I hoped would give me if not the final answer, then at least AN answer of SOME sort to a medical question I’d been chasing for about four years. It was a grey day much like today but I remember it […]

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At my agency’s annual fundraiser, I shared a story that I’ve kept private over this past year that I’d like to share with you now. I originally decided to keep it private because I was so struck by the darkness and the cruelty of it that it didn’t feel necessary to allow it to touch […]

A Mouse’s Tale

Posted: 11th October 2021 by admin in Blog
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Shout out to First Congregational Church in Naperville for their local authors series, to which Urban Tidepool was invited last evening. I met some wonderful new folks and got to talk through the book with a few of my pod and with Reverend Mark Winters, who is one of the coolest guys to ever rock […]

Moms, Dads, and Memes

Posted: 4th June 2021 by admin in Blog
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Nancy Mullen 7m  · Shared with Your friends A thought for my many, many ally friends on this wonderful first Friday of Pride month. I’m seeing a lot of posts saying “I’m your mom now”, and “I’m your dad now.” I believe these are prompted by nothing but the purest and kindest of intentions and the sentiment […]

Fat Boi Biking!

Posted: 8th November 2020 by admin in Blog
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A repost of one of one of my most popular posts from 2017 just for fun. Fat Boi Biking! This weekend, I spent $27 on making a bucket list item come true. It’ll probably be the only bucket list item I can do for $27 and that’s okay. It’s also two years behind schedule, but […]

Pivotal Moments: Publishing

Posted: 9th August 2020 by admin in Blog
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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I read everything I could get my hands on and wrote short stories and envisioned myself someday rubbing elbows with Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Now, Carl Hiassen. Wouldn’t that be a highlight? The father questioned me about this once, oddly curious what skill […]

Yesterday, I had the honor to address the Youth Outlook graduates, Class of 2020. It was our first Lavender ceremony; typically we attend when the schools have them and invite us. Since we knew many of our drop-in center members were not going to be able to attend a commencement, let alone a Lavender ceremony […]

Love a Social Worker Today

Posted: 1st March 2019 by admin in Blog

Friends and starfish supporters and starfish supporters who are also friends, it’s National Social Work Month! Did you know such a thing existed? I’ve been in the field for three decades and this may be the first time I’ve ever heard of it! For chuckles, I thought it would be fun to scan some of […]

2018, A Year in Silliness

Posted: 3rd January 2019 by admin in Blog
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A couple of years ago, I did a blog post that was just a collection of silly social media posts that I had put up in the previous year. People enjoyed it and I enjoyed doing it, so I decided we needed a repeat performance. I hope it brings you a few chuckles. It certainly […]