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About the author

Nancy Mullen received her master’s degree before social work classes explored the issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. Taking a roundabout path to working in the LGBT field, Nancy worked for several years in the HIV/AIDS field and shifted to social work administration through her work with LGBT youth in 1998 as the executive director of a small, grassroots agency. She is a sought after public speaker on topics such as LGBT Youth and Adolescent Development and Current Trends in Working with LGBT Youth.

Equally passionate about her avocation, Nancy is ten credits away from her associate’s degree in Pastry Arts. Never one to do things the easy way, she thought it very important to pursue her master’s degree first so she could later get her associate’s degree in something completely unrelated to what she does for a living. The Urban Tidepool blog is the intersection of a career in human services, a chance to dabble in the culinary world and the experience of writing and publishing her first book. Sometimes she even remembers to take off her chef’s hat when she sits down to write.

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About Urban Tidepool

Growing up in the chaos of family addiction, mental illness, domestic violence and death of both parents will shape the life of any child. Urban Tidepool leads readers through a story that could have easily ended in tragedy but instead ends in creation, connection, and hope. Stretching across a ten year time frame, Urban Tidepool delivers a tough story with grit and humor, and reminds us all that we are surrounded by kids struggling to get through and by heroes who make it possible for them to do so, and that the Universe gives us exactly who we need, exactly when we need them. Not only is it possible to survive such darkness, it is possible to go on to lead with your light.

Trigger Warning

Urban Tidepool contains scenes of violence, references to drug use, sexual assault and animal torture. Sensitive readers may wish to seek support through their local community resources or national hotlines.

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    Love it and sign me up to get ur added entries !

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