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Of Stray Cats and Ah-ha Moments

Posted: 28th May 2014 by admin in Blog
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I think everyone has them occasionally. Nah, I’m not talking flat tires, nightmares, or tension headaches that could rival any spring rod you’ve got a curtain stuck to the wall with. I’m talking ah-ha moments. You know…that exact moment when the figurative lightbulb comes on and you see something about your relationship or your job […]

A Group Effort

Posted: 11th May 2014 by admin in Blog
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The title of Hillary Clinton’s book, It Takes  a Village, has always appealed to me.   I imagined using a take-off on that title if I were ever to write a memoir. (Little did I know!) Given some of my Catholic school adventures after the parents crossed over while I was running around the world as […]